How can I contact you?

We'd love to hear from you! You can contact us in the following ways:

By Email:

By Mail: 7700 N Hudson, Suite 10
              Oklahoma City, OK 73116

What types of Day Designer planners are offered?
Choose between our Flagship Collection and the A5 Ring Bound Collection!
    • The Flagship Collection, the original daily planner, offers 12 months of daily planning pages. This collection includes a Regular Year Edition (January 2017 - December 2017 ) and a Midyear Edition (June 2017 - May 2018) in two sizes, the Flagship and Flagship Mini. Check out the cover styles here
    • The highly-customizable A5 Ring Bound Collection will be restocked in May 2017! These binders include leather and vegan leather options. Our fashion planner features gold accents as well as our undated starter insert packs. Check out the collection here! Additional options for A5 inserts are also available.
    How do I order a Day Designer?

    Day Designer daily planners and A5 planner binders are offered in our online shop! Please check the product descriptions carefully for thorough details as well as expected ship dates. 

    Select retail partners will offer our Flagship Planner Collection. 

    An exclusive January 2017 Regular Year Limited Edition is available through Belle & Blush! Please reach out with any questions to Belle & Blush Customer Service.

    Our Blue Sky Collaboration is offered through!

    Can I make a gift purchase?

    Yes! Simply navigate through the checkout process, and enter the recipient’s address in the shipping address section. Please note: We do not currently offer gift wrapping, or have the ability to include special notes with your order.  We don’t include a receipt or packing slip with the shipment. The only content in the box is the Day Designer itself! Not sure what item your gift recipient may like? No problem! We also offer gift cards from $25.00 and up in our online shop!

    Can I order a custom planner?

    Our Day Designer covers and page layouts are not customizable.  We do not have the ability to include personal or company logos on your planner. Our A5 Luxe Collection offers flexible formats which allows you to customize it to fit your planning needs!

    Can you tell me more about the Blue Sky Collaboration?

    Yes! The Academic Year collection will launch mid to late May and can be found at your local Target. Availability is subject to each Target location so be sure and check with your local store! Please contact Blue Sky customer service if you have any questions!

        What cover styles will be offered?

        View our 2017 planner cover styles now in our online shop!

          Can I get on a waiting list?
          We do not keep a waiting list. Mark your calendar for launch dates and stay up to date with the latest Day Designer news by signing up for our mailing list!
                Can you send me a coupon code?
                Our price is as listed! 
                  How should I care for my Day Designer?

                  When you use a handmade planner for 365 days, it's safe to assume it will show some wear and tear. Each Day Designer goes through a careful quality check before being packaged for shipment. The following are signs of a hand-made product that occur naturally in the production process: slight bends in the binding, slubs, wrinkles and small indentions. While we've designed the Day Designer to be durable (a heavy weight cover) and luxurious (gorgeous brass wire-o binding), a well-used Day Designer is going to look loved at the end of the year. 

                  In order to keep your Day Designer looking fresh and new, we recommend the following. 

                    • Keep your Day Designer in a cool, dry place -- away from liquids.
                    • Your Day Designer cover can be wiped clean with a soft cloth.
                    • Close your Day Designer from front to back, and never lift it from a single side.
                    • If you are carrying your planner open, be sure to support it with two hands, one on each side.
                    • If you plan on carrying your Day Designer, consider protecting it before putting it in your tote.
                      Special note for the gold foil products: As with any gold-foiled product, you will see flaking and discoloration throughout the year. Be extra careful when wiping clean your gold foil cover to prevent additional flaking. 
                        How should I care for my A5 Leather Binder?
                        Our A5 Binder is made with the finest quality leather, and is intuitively designed to ensure that it will last a lifetime!  As with all leather products, maintaining the condition of your binder requires a little extra TLC!  Here are some necessary tips to keep your A5 Binder looking like the first day it arrived!
                          • We recommend gently spot cleaning it weekly with a soft, clean cloth very lightly dampened with water to remove any dust or loose dirt.  Be sure not to get it too wet so that any leather conditioner is not removed along with the surface dust.
                          • Conditioning is key!  It is extremely important to keep the leather conditioned to maintain its luster.  Leather that becomes dried out will eventually crack, and is unrepairable.  Be sure your A5 is completely dry before applying any conditioner.
                            Given that leather is a natural material, there may be textural or shading variations within the surface.  These are normal characteristics and representative of the leather’s individual beauty. As with all fine leather goods, your Day Designer A5 Binder can last you many years if cared for correctly. To prevent damage, be cautious and avoid contact with any other colored leather goods or fabrics as color may transfer through friction. Avoid exposing your Day Designer A5 to harsh elements such as moisture, bright light and direct heat, and refrain from placing any heavy items on top of your Day Designer in order to prevent creasing.
                              I live outside the US. How can I purchase?
                                  We are not offering international shipping, except for Canada, at this time. We recognize that we have a devoted following outside of the United States, and we are working hard to find a solution as quickly as possible.  You might be interested in contacting an international retailer. Please note for Canadian Orders: If you order directly from Day Designer, while we do the best we can to keep international shipping costs down, international shipping cost is simply high. We recommend combining orders with a few friends to save money on shipping! Please refer to our Canadian Order Policies prior to ordering.
                                      Do your printables also come inside the Day Designer?
                                      Our flagship daily planning page and our mini daily planning page are offered for you to see how the Day Designer layout would work for you! Our other printables (mostly FREE!) are intended to equip you with an added level of organization and planning. They are designed for you to conveniently print on standard 8.5" x 11" sheets of paper. Please note: These are not "inserts" for your Day Designer, and we don't have a way to customize your Day Designer with these pages included.
                                            How do I make a ribbon bookmark?
                                            A video tutorial on how to use a ribbon to make a ribbon bookmark can be found here! Please note that orders are not packaged with a ribbon. 
                                              May I sell Day Designer in my boutique?
                                              Thank you for your interest! We have a small wholesale program and work with a select group of retailers. Please email us at to discuss more!
                                                May I get credit for referring others who make a purchase? Do you have an affiliate program?
                                                Thank you for your referrals! Yes, you can join or affiliate program here. You'll receive 15% of the product price when someone places an order after clicking your link! This can be a fantastic (and financially-rewarding!) option for your blog, Instagram page, Facebook page, or even just when recommending Day Designer to family and friends in an email.
                                                  Where can I find more info?
                                                  Check out our return policy, what to expect for shipping and delivery, and our Canadian order policies. You may also check order status or simply contact us!


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